2021 NHL Pools Available!

The NHL season kicks off this week, and pick'em and elimination style pools are available! Set up your pool with us today for as little as $25 CDN! You can choose from our basic Loser, Survivor and Pick 5 formats. It's a great way to fundraise for your hockey team or organization.

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HostedPools.com is your solution to managing your office sports pools. Set up your pool, invite your participants and let us do all of time-consuming scoring and updating. All selections are made online and your standings and weekly results are updated on a regular basis. Running a pool can be a great fundraising opportunity for your team or organization!

Hosted Pools Football Pools

Football Pools

We currently offer 6 different formats of office football pools. On top of the popular Loser, Margin and Survivor football pools, we also have the Pick 5 (SuperContest) and Pick'em football pools, which can be run with or without using the spread. We also have a our new 20-Point football pool, which combines straight up picks with the point spread for scoring.

Hosted Pools Hockey Pools

Hockey Pools

We offer several different variations of Survivor/Eliminator Hockey pools, some picking winners, and others picking losers, all with the options of multiple lives, to make your pool as short or long as you want. The Saturday Loser Hockey pool is definitely the most popular. We now also feature Pick 5 hockey, where you pick 5 games each weekend.

Hosted Pools Soccer Pools

Soccer Pools

Coming Soon!

We're working to bring soccer pools to the site with the Euro 2020 (in 2021) event! We're putting together a full Pick'em from the group stage through the championship as well as a Knockout Stage bracket pool, similar to our playoff football pools. We plan to set up pools for the major competitions, and possibly Pick'ems for some of the major European leagues in the future.

Site News

  • Dec 31, 2020 - Happy New Year! Hopefully 2021 brings a little less craziness than 2020.
  • Dec 16, 2020 - NOTE: Week 15 features a pair of games on Saturday.
  • Nov 30, 2020 - BAL/PIT has now been moved to Wednesday afternoon. As of now, it still will count in Week 12 (assuming it's played). The Week 13 games for both teams have also been moved back a day each.
  • Nov 28, 2020 - The BAL/PIT game has been pushed to Tuesday night, and could very well be bumped out of the week. If the game is bumped, all picks for that game will be cleared. Make your picks accordingly. Baltimore's Week 13 game has also been pushed from Thursday night to the following Monday.