2017-2018 Hockey Pools Available!

Try one of our Survivor or Pick'em style hockey pools. A perfect way to enjoy the 2nd half of the NHL season.

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HostedPools.com is your solution to hosting and managing your office sports pools. Set up your pool, and let us do all of the scoring and updating. All selections are made on-line, and your standings and weekly results are updated on a regular basis. Running a pool can be a great fund-raiser for your team or organization!

Hosted Pools Football

Football Pools

We currently offer 4 different formats of football office pools. On top of the popular Loser and Margin football pools, we also have Survivor (Eliminator) pools in which you can pick either winners or losers, with the option of multiple lives/strikes. We now also feature the Pick 5 (SuperContest) football pool, which can be run with or without using the spread.

Hosted Pools Hockey

Hockey Pools

We offer several different variations of Survivor/Eliminator Hockey pools, some picking winners, and others picking losers, all with the options of multiple lives, to make your pool as short or long as you want. The Saturday Loser Hockey pool is definitely the most popular. We now also feature Pick 5 hockey, where you pick 5 games each weekend.

Site News

  • Nov 22, 2017 - We've added a Slack workspace to communicate with pool managers. You can find a link to our workspace at the bottom of the site. It's the hashtag looking icon under Connect With HostedPools. We will be integrating it with our Trello boards so you can keep tabs on what ideas are out there as well as what we're currently working on.
  • Nov 1, 2017 - We've moved some of the manager specific menu items into the Manager Tools dashboard to tidy up the menu on mobile devices. We're also adding some reports as well as a simple text editor for the pool note and pool emails to the Manager Tools as part of a revamp of that section.
  • Oct 26, 2017 - We're working on bringing pick reminders back to the site. New registrations will have the option to allow them when they register. All existing users will have them turned on by default but will be able to turn them off on the account page.
  • Sep 6, 2017 - The NFL has officially moved the Tampa Bay/Miami game to their mutual Week 11 bye. As a result, we have moved the game to Week 11 and it is no longer available for selection in Week 1. Any entries that had selected Tampa or Miami have had their selection cleared, and were sent an email notification to update their selection.