NFL Playoff Football Pools

We currently offer a pair of simple Playoff Football pool formats. You can choose from our Survivor Playoff or Bracket Playoff options. They run the for the 4 round NFL playoffs and you can add several more teams for the price of a regular season pool.

Survivor Playoff Football Pool

How to Play

  1. Entrants pick one team each round of the NFL playoffs with the intention of the selection winning.
  2. If the team selected wins or ties, the entry survives to the following round.
  3. If the team selected loses, the entry is eliminated from the pool.
  4. If all remaining teams lose during a week, they all move on to the next round.
  5. The final surviving entry is the winner, unless there are multiple teams alive after the championship game.
  6. Teams may only be selected one time for the duration of the pool - which complicates things with so few teams in the playoffs.


Default Picks - Choose from several options to assign a pick to an entry that doesn't make a selection prior to the deadline.

Survivor Playoff Football Pools will be available for 2 weeks prior to NFL playoffs starting.

Bracket Playoff Football Pool

How to Play

  1. These are basically Pick'em style pools, where you pick the entire playoff results prior to the first game.
  2. Entrants pick the winner of each game through the playoff bracket (remember the #1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed in the 2nd round).
  3. If the team selected wins their game that round, they are awarded the point value for that round.
  4. Points by round are as follows: 1 for Wild Card; 2 for Divisional; 3 for Conference; 5 for Championship.
  5. The entry with the most points at the end of the playoff tournament is the winner.


No options currently available

Bracket Playoff Football Pools will be available for 2 weeks prior to NFL playoffs starting.

Site News

  • Sep 21, 2018 - The 2018-2019 NHL Hockey is just over 2 weeks away now! We have pools rolling in daily and are pumped to get the season rolling. Set up your Survivor/Loser or Pick'em style pool today!
  • Jun 11, 2018 - Football Pools are now available for the 2018 NFL season! We now have 6 different offerings including Pick'em, Survivor, Loser, Margin, Pick 5/SuperContest and our new 20-Point Football. You can set up your pool today!
  • Jun 9, 2018 - We've brought back pick reminders for the 2018 season. You have to opt in when you create your entry and you should only receive them while your entry is still alive in elimination style pools. They will be sent on the morning of the first game each week.
  • Nov 22, 2017 - We've added a Slack workspace to communicate with pool managers. You can find a link to our workspace at the bottom of the site. It's the hashtag looking icon under Connect With HostedPools. We will be integrating it with our Trello boards so you can keep tabs on what ideas are out there as well as what we're currently working on.