NHL Loser Hockey Pools

Loser Hockey Pools are a variation on Survivor Hockey pools where only Saturday games are included and you're picking a team to lose. One thing to note in these pools are that all games that go to a shootout count as a loss for both teams - going back to when the NHL still had ties, and ties weren't counted as losses. This format is very popular among youth hockey teams/organizations as a fundraiser.

Fun Fact: The Loser Hockey Pool was our most popular format overall in 2018.

How to Play

  1. Entrants pick one team each Saturday of the NHL regular season with the intention of the selection losing.
  2. If the team selected loses in regulation or overtime, the entry survives to the following Saturday.
  3. If the team selected wins or goes to a shootout, the entry is eliminated from the pool.
  4. If all remaining teams win during a week, they all move on to the next week.
  5. The final surviving entry is the winner, unless there are multiple teams alive after the final week of the season.
  6. Teams may only be selected one time for the duration of the pool.


Strikes/Lives - Allow entries more than one 'win' or 'strike' prior to them being eliminated.

Pick Limits - Allow entries the ability to select a team more than one time for the duration of the pool.

Start Week - Want to start a 2nd chance pool? Start a pool with the first pick some time after Week 1.

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Site News

  • Sep 6, 2021 - Just a reminder that we use the actual spreads for the real SuperContest, which are posted on Wednesday evenings. Your Week 1 spreads will be available around 8pm Eastern on Wednesday.
  • Jun 23, 2021 - Round of 16 Fixtures are set, which means you can now make your Bracket Pool picks. Good luck in the knockout stage!
  • Jun 11, 2021 - If you would like to allow Late Entries into your pool (past kick off of game 1), let us know. We do have a setting to allow it, but we haven't added it to the pool creation or settings pages yet.
  • Jun 10, 2021 - NFL Football Pools are now available for the 2021 season!